Tera Online

So I picked up this new MMO and am actually having a good time playing it. Graphics are great, story is OK, and game play is unique; but the best part is it cost all of free-fiddy to play! I am playing a Sorcerer and while this class is somewhat difficult to play, I am having a hella-good time with it. Here is a leveling guide I found on the internet. Seems like a strange place to have this I know but I put it here so I can find it for myself easily as well.

Levels 1–19

Areas: Island of Dawn, Fey Forest, Oblivion Woods, and Valley of Titans

Reaching level nineteen is as simple as playing the game. None of the quests are complicated or difficult, and all of them lead you exactly where you need to go. At this stage, you may become over leveled if you do every quest available. Grouping can go faster and net you some good loot but the experience from enemies is cut in half between you. To offset this, there is also a 20% experience boost, so leveling is still very quick.

Guild and Repeatable quests

Guild quests are very highly recommended if you’re a member of a guild. Almost all of them coincide with the normal quests in each area, meaning that you can do a guild quest and a normal quest at the same time and get credit for both with each kill. If you aren’t in a guild, then you can do the repeatable quests, which are almost all the same as guild quests, but these ones you will have to have done the quest once already to unlock.

[For example: You have a quest to kill 10 Blood Fiends. If you pick up a guild quest to kill 15 Blood Fiends, then you can kill 15 Blood Fiends and complete both quests. Or, after killing the first ten, you can then pick up the repeatable version of the quest, kill ten more Blood Fiends, and turn in the quest again along with the guild quest.]

Repeatable and guild quests can be done something like five to ten times, as long as you don’t become too high of a level to be eligible for them. Moreover, if you keep killing enemies past the number that you need to turn the quest in, it will keep counting those kills. So, if you have a repeatable quest to kill five enemies, and you kill seven, then you can turn in the quest once and still have two kills towards turning it in again.

If you don’t mind killing the same enemies over and over again, or in fact prefer doing so over stuff like gathering quests, then you could probably use these quests either in place of other quests, or as a means of gathering experience if you run out of quests and haven’t leveled yet (which will most likely happen).

Levels 19–21

Areas: Tuwangi Mire

For solo-ers, this is the first place where your course through the game will be different from that of other players. Tuwangi Mire is the first in a number of areas that exist as alternate questing zones for those who don’t want to play five-man quests. In fact, there are no five-man quests whatsoever in Tuwangi Mire.

This place is an alternative to going to Bestial Vale in Oblivion Woods at level 19, and the dungeon Bastion of Lok at level 20. There’s a quest giver in Crescentia who will send you to Tuwangi Mire, but there is no story quest to send you there.

Levels 21–28

Areas: Celestial Hills, Cliffs of Insanity, Vale of the Fang, and Paraanon Ravine

Leveling in Tuwangi Mire should unlock the next story questline after the one which would’ve led you into Bastion of Lok. Following it will take you to Celestial Hills. If you follow the story quests and take all of the available quests in each area, then things should be simple. Only at the end of Vale of the Fang will the soloist’s path again branch off from that of the group player.

At level 26 or so, the story questline will lead you into the dungeon Sinestral Manor. However, there is a quest in Popolion which will lead you into Paraanon Ravine—another area that the story will never take you to. Paraanon Ravine should fill in the amount of experience to level into the next story quest line, or at least enough that you’ll be able to do the quests in the next area regardless.

Levels 28–31

Areas: Basilisk Crag, Tenebrous Mines, and Freeholds

At level 27 or 28, the story questline will send you to Tenebrous Mines, which is the first of the “cave” areas (as I like to call them). These are areas with names that appear in red on your map, and aren’t considered a part of the overworld. Most of them are nearly as big and contain nearly as many quests as any of the major questing areas.  Both Basilisk Crag and Freeholds are areas that you won’t play through on the story quest line.

Levels 31–34

Areas: Jagged Coast, Mistmoor Island, Ascension Valley, Azarel’s Labyrinth, and Pirate Grotto

The story quests will send you through Jagged Coast, Mistmoor Island, Ascension Valley, and the game’s second cave area, Azarel’s Labyrinth. You should be able to play through all of these areas without doing Pirate Grotto and move on to the next place, but Pirate Grotto is another cave and also an optional area.

Levels 34–39

Areas: Lake of Tears, Eldritch Academy Grounds, Colossal Ruins, and Aurum Road

There may be some difficulty playing through Lake of Tears, but while doing the cave Eldritch Academy Grounds, you may want to team up with friends. You can make a complete joke out of everything from there through level 38. You can do all of the BAM quests in those areas and play through the dungeon at the end of Aurum Road (Cultist’s Refuge) twice.

Levels 39–42

Areas: Essenian Crest, Blightwood, Timeless Woods, and Blessing Basin

This is one of the most straightforward parts of the game.You can play through all of these areas very quickly and actually skip a number of quests, especially in Blessing Basin, because you may be over leveling them.

Levels 42–48

Areas: Tempest Reach, Mount Tyrannas, Citadel of Torment, Frost Reach, Quarantine Zone, Arachnea, Feral Valley, and Temple of Dagon

Tempest Reach is the first point that the game becoems difficult. Start by having to put better thoughts into things like crystals and glyphs to make sure that your character is as prepared as you ought to be. Once doing so, the game will go back to being somewhat easy, and more or less stay that way.

Quarantine Zone and Feral Valley contain the caves Arachnea and Temple of Dagon respectively, and they are straightforward once again. After playing through these areas, You will level enough to unlock the story chain that will send you through them anyway so don’t skip around on doing these areas.

Levels 48–50

Areas: Hungry Caverns, Frymount, and Serpentis Isle

These areas can be a pain in the butt. They don’t have to be but it really depends on how diligent you have been at doing all the quests. If you have been skipping around or not keeping up with the levels set in this guide, you will hit a wall where you can’t level fast enough and can’t go ahead because the mob levels are too high. Start in the Hungry Caverns and do all the quests. If you start to get over leveled you can skip a few side ones but this is not a good area to skip around. Your best plan will be to stick to it here and level properly, the game gets much easier soon.

Levels 50–53

Areas: Darkquaver Woods, Susurrus Woods, and Amena Quatla

These areas are straightforward again, and you can cut through them like butter. 50–52 is a breeze. Of course, you need to be fifty-three to play any of the quests in the next area. If you play all of the quests on your journey, then you probably won’t have any issues here.

Levels 53–56

Areas: Doomcrypt, Wyrmgorge, Sienna Canyon, and Tor Exsul

Here is another straightforward part of the game, and interestingly, you could play these areas in pretty much whatever order you want with no problem, though the story quests will send you in a specific order. That is, if you follow the quest line and play through the dungeon Saleron’s Sky Garden.

Levels 56–58

Areas: Plain of the Damned, Vale of Spires, and Seeliewood

The rest of the game will be smooth sailing for a solo player. You can reach level 57 just playing through all of the quests in Plain of the Damned.

Levels 58–60

Areas: Tirkai Forest, Thrallhold, Three Towers, Balder’s Refuge, Khanover Front, Argonea, and Granarkus

58 to 60 is really not that hard to complete. For the previous eight levels, most of the questing zones had required that you kill twelve to fifteen monsters per quest, and the monsters were frequently well above your level. However, for the last areas, most quests only require that you kill six enemies, and you get a shitload of them. Moreover, since enemies don’t go above level sixty, none are capable of even being far above your level, and for some reason, all of them are weak as hell.

Tirkai Forest, Thrallhold, and the cave Three Towers, are all very straightforward. Khanover Front is a lot of fun. The story quest line leads to something that is kind of like a dungeon, but not really?