Private WoW Server

So for my followers out there who play / have played World of Warcraft. I have made use of a pre-compiled emulator that has been configured as a fun little sand box to play in. This is running version 3.3.5 Wrath of the Litch King. While that is a few expansions older, it is still pretty cool to kick it with friends and check out some of the game content that you may have never had a chance to explore. According to the test crew, I have resolved a lot of the annoyances that retail has and have made the game seemingly more enjoyable to play. There are two server up and running the software at different rates; 2x and 12x. Both server offer increased experience rates so that you can get to the end faster than normal. Drop rates have also been refined on both servers. Either way, check it out and have fun. This isn’t limited to only my friends so share the link and lets get some activity going. You can get all that you need to get started by clicking the WOW link at the top of the page. Register and account and download the client. Hope to see you around.